The second most downloaded payment app on the App Store is a WhatsApp scam -


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Sunday, 15 October 2017

The second most downloaded payment app on the App Store is a WhatsApp scam

WhatsApp, the ultimate messaging app and one of the most popular and downloaded applications of all time, is a focus of problems. And let's face it, get the worst of ourselves. It allows us to be connected to the people we care about all day long but sometimes we get out of hand with the subject of privacy and privacy . Proof of this is that Location for WhatsApp is the second most downloaded payment app on the App Store.

This app, whose cost is 0.49 euros, boasts the silver in the ranking of the download platform for only one thing: we all believe that serves to know exactly the location of the other person . Nothing is further from reality. Its real utility is to share our location via WhatsApp, something that can certainly be done from the official app itself.

You are paying € 0.49 for nothing

So if you think it serves to be able to spy on the location of the people you talk to , you're wrong. And yet, there it is, being the second most downloaded app and reaping money for something that already exists. What a brilliant strategy to take advantage of the ignorance and toxicity of people!

Anyway, it is necessary to recognize that the Location app for WhatsApp has a description so vague and imprecise that is not surprising that many fall in the hook and buy it. Also, the attached screenshots are also not that they reveal much more. Come on, the developer is taking advantage of the picaresque for their own benefit.

That is why, once purchased Location for WhatsApp, many users give a star and bitterly comment that it does not serve what they were looking for. So you already know the moral of all this : read the comments and appraisals of a payment app before buying it.

Anyway, we should also use common sense and think whether it is legal to know the whereabouts of people without the express authorization of these.

Another equally curious issue is how Apple continues to keep it on the App Store with the bad reviews it has and taking into account the deception that takes its installation. 

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