The surgeon who self-diagnosed cancer with his iPhone -


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Saturday, 28 October 2017

The surgeon who self-diagnosed cancer with his iPhone

Technology already accompanies us in each of the steps we take throughout our lives. It is always present, although we do not notice it. In fields such as medicine, has managed to facilitate a lot certain aspects such as the diagnosis of some diseases . And, now more than ever, Apple wants its products, such as the Airpods or the new iPhone X , to be present in markets like this. Well, it seems that thanks to a start-up, it is no longer a dream.

The company Butterfly Networks , has managed to create an ultrasound device that works with the help of an iPhone. With him, his intention is to lower access to these tools so effective in detecting certain ailments, such as cancer that one of its employees was detected by trying it. That's right, before going on the market, the Butterfly IQ has managed to give a person a really valuable time to stop a serious illness.

We still have not discovered all the possibilities of the iPhone

Thanks to MIT Technology Review we have been able to know the story of John Martin, a vascular surgeon who, testing the Butterfly IQ device after entering the company, discovered the existence of cancer cells in his neck. Of course, this is an important advance, since it has contained an ultrasound system in a really compact device that has been proven to be fully functional. But the company does not want to stay there.

In the future, it aims to combine this innovative technology with artificial intelligence , so that anyone can use the Butterfly IQ to detect any anomaly in our body. Of course, it can not replace the great work of doctors, but it will help patients to be treated in a much more effective and fast way, since it will allow to specify where the problem in question is.

And you, what do you think of this technology? Do you think it's a breakthrough?

Via | 9to5Mac

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