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Friday, 20 October 2017

The unseen photos of the iPhone X during the keynote

With less than two weeks of launching iPhone X stores, we are climbing the walls: it only takes a week to book it! It seems a lie, but after 3 years with the same design, the hype against the iPhone X is brutal and despite the price, sales are estimated to be overwhelming.

In fact, the iPhone X has not yet hit the market and its ancestry already noted: not only is it known that the iPhone 2018 will integrate functions that today are exclusive to the flagship Apple but in Android have already been adapted to the terminals not to be left behind. For example, Doogees that cost less than $ 200 will have something similar to Face ID .

After the initial dizziness of the name and the surprise for the notch that gives the iPhone X that particular aspect and that makes possible both Face ID and animojis, the reality is that we are expectant to see more and more of that terminal . And of course, to have it in your hands.

During the keynote of September 12 all the surprises were revealed but we all wanted more. In fact, we just came across these unseen images of the Apple event where we have the opportunity to revel in the beauty of the most iconic terminal that exists.

In addition, although it goes on sale in two weeks, he thinks he could touch wait : it is known that the available stock is short and although you can book in a week, the shipment can be quite delayed. However, it is expected that by Christmas everyone who wants to buy and give away the iPhone X. And of course, during 2018 we will be able to purchase it without problems.

A user of Reddit has uploaded a photo album captured during the keynote by a theorist friend who works at Apple, a fact that would have allowed him to take these photos before the keynote, accessing an empty Steve Jobs Theater . They are spectacular, as you can see in the images of this article!

Via | Reddit 

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