There are more users with the iPhone X down the street -


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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

There are more users with the iPhone X down the street

The main novelty introduced by Apple in the iPhone X is the camera TrueDepth 3D and the set of sensors in the upper part of the screen, which allow the device to do facial recognition of the user. This functionality has brought a distinctive sign in the design of the new iPhone and are the "ears" at the top of the screen.

This new aesthetic makes the new iPhone recognizable from meters away . You will not hesitate for a second if it is the new iPhone X when you see it on the street. All types of users will be able to know if the next person is testing the device, whether it is a fanboy or even a hater.

Apple is testing the iPhone X down the street

Apple employees already have the first units of the iPhone X, this serves the company as the last test of the device before launching it. They can know if there is a fault with its use over time, problems with the screens, batteries ... Any failure that is not easy to predict with the tests of quality of the factories.

In addition, an advantage for employees who are in charge of designing it, so they do not have to wait to see their creation on the street. That less than not having to reserve the device that you have been designing , erasing and implementing months for the enjoyment of users.

The "ear" is not the only distinctive of the iPhone X , because on the back has the camera placed in a vertical position which makes it also distinguishable by the naked eye if you see the rear.

So if you go down the street and see an iPhone with the back glass, do not hesitate to take a look twice if it is an iPhone X. To see if you are going to live near an Apple employee.

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