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Monday, 9 October 2017

These are the best WhatsApp tricks

It's no secret that WhatsApp is by no means the best messaging application for our mobile phones. There are quite a few apps of this style that come to beat you in features and features. But one thing is certain, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world .

Luckily for us and for the future of this application, with each update released WhatsApp adds new changes and functions , which on many occasions we do not even realize that they are there. This also happens with many of the more useful features that the app incorporates.

WhatsApp Cheats You Surely Did not Know 

 For this reason, today we want to teach you some WhatsApp tricks that will be very useful and you probably did not even know they existed. The application has been constantly updated lately and surely there is some trick that you did not know before.
Your privacy is the most important thing

WhatsApp has lots of options to protect its millions of users within the same platform. Privacy tools will allow us to be totally invisible in WhatsApp.

Why do they need to know my last connection? 

The most obsessed with privacy are the first to disable this option, why would someone want to know the last hour that I logged in ? It is totally understandable that some people are afraid of this because it allows everyone to control our activity with the phone .

If we do not want anyone to know when we last connected, we should go to the WhatsApp settings and select the "Account" and "Privacy" section . When we are inside, we touch the first option and choose any option from: "All, My Contacts or Nobody" . Remember that when you disable this, you will not be able to see the last connection of anyone.

Remove double blue check 

This is one of those functions that suddenly appeared in WhatsApp and caused such a stir that even references to it are made in television series . This "blue double check" tells us that the person we are talking to has read the message you sent, or at least opened the chat.

If we want to disable it, we must do it in the same way as the last connection, we go to "Account" and "Privacy . " Within privacy we can disable the "Confirmation of reading" , no one else will be able to see a double blue check on our part, although we read the messages. Remember that in the same way, you can not see the blue check either.

Read the messages without anyone knowing 

In a way, if you deactivate the last connection and the blue check, they will not be able to know if you have read a message, unless you are caught with your hands in the dough , since it will appear the text under your name "in line". Luckily there is a way to read the messages without anyone knowing and it is much easier than you think.

It's pretty simple, you just have to have WhatsApp strip notifications turned on. For this we go to iOS Settings , Notifications and select the WhatsApp application. In this new menu we marked the option: "View on screen blocked" , apart from the obvious option of "Allow notifications". In iOS these two options usually come by default unless you turn them off the first time you open the app.

Now, to read in secret everything they send us should only turn on the screen of our iPhone, will teach us everything we have received and we can read it with total freedom without fear that someone will see that we have read . It also works on the notifications menu of iOS itself. In this case, this trick is totally invisible, even having activated the last connection and double blue check. It will not even tell you that you're online !.

Hide your profile picture 

Many cotillas use your profile photo to know much more about you, luckily, WhatsApp allows us to deactivate that the strangers can see our profile photo . This way, if you do not have someone added, that person will not have any way to see your avatar unless you know someone to whom you do have added.

To activate this, in the same way as in the previous tricks, we must go to the WhatsApp settings and enter "Privacy" , then select the "My Contacts" option in the "Profile Picture" section. We can do exactly the same with our state, you can only see them the privileged that we have in contacts.

Do not miss any important messages

At times, it is possible to have a memorable conversation, something that surely interests us to save forever or that we want to remember at any time . That's why these tricks can be a great help.
Put bookmarks to your messages 

You can put a "Highlighted Message" bookmark on any message in any chat, and it is one of the most underrated and unknown tools in WhatsApp . Thanks to this option we have the possibility to add messages to a list of highlights so we can read them on another occasion without having to look for it. Very useful, especially in groups with many people.

If you want to mark a message as a highlight, just hold down any message balloon in a chat and then touch the star icon that appears to the left . Afterwards, we can easily read it by touching the chat name (either a person or a group) and giving it in "Featured Messages", it will teach us all that we have highlighted throughout history.
If all else fails you always have the search engine

WhatsApp Finder is always available, it is a very useful tool and is given less use than it should. In any conversation, we will be able to touch the button to search and to write any word that interests us to find . We will mark in yellow absolutely all the words that match our search.
More utilities

Because it's not all about keeping messages or improving privacy, WhatsApp hides some other tool that few people know about and that can completely change our way of communicating with our contacts.

Change text types 

This was one of those functions that were discussed late, when it had been implemented a long time ago. For those who do not yet know: you can put bold, italic, or easily crossed out text with commands as basic as those I used to write this article.

To begin, you can put any word, letter, or phrase in bold by placing it in asterisks (*). You can also make a series of characters italicized by placing it between low dashes (_). Finally, you can cross out any sentence by placing it between Virgulillas (~).

Larger Emojis 

Emoji vary in size and you can choose whether you want to send a larger or smaller emoji. The size of these will change automatically depending on the number you send . That is, if you send one or two, the emoji will be much larger than if we send 10 or put it between words.
Send Gifs instead of videos 

This is really simple and very useful if you do not want to leave your data rate trying to send a video. If you record a short video and do not mind sharing the audio of this, you can choose whether you want to send it as a normal video or as a Gif , if you do not use it already, you do not get the idea of ​​how incredibly useful this is.

Basically this is it, surely WhatsApp will continue to add new features and very sure they will continue giving talk. It may not be the best messaging application in the world, but it is the most used and constantly updated , so there will always be new features to discover.
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