These are the new emoji that will come to iPhone with iOS 11.1 -


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Friday, 6 October 2017

These are the new emoji that will come to iPhone with iOS 11.1

Apple is not stop and today announced that hundreds of new emoji characters will be added to the iPhone and iPad in the next update of IOS 11.1 . The company also showed some of the new emoji that will be introduced, all of which are part of Unicode 10. Some of the new additions include a crazy face, cake, pretzel, T-Rex, vampire, head explosion, vomiting face, silent face, brain, scarf, zebras, giraffes, fortune cookie, cake, hedgehog, and many more.

Hundreds of new emoji, including more smiling faces, gender neutral characters, clothing choices, food types, animals, mythical creatures and more, will soon be falling on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.1 .

The variety of them is enormous by including characters for a person in a sauna, bearded person, magician, fairy, vampire, goblin, genie, person climbing, person in lotus position, and more, with all these emoji available in various shades of skin and genders. While there are 56 different emoji characters, gender and skin tone and flag changes can bring that total to more than 200 added emoji.

Unicode 10 was first released in June 2017, but it often takes several months for Apple to implement the new emoji characters after a Unicode upgrade, as all new characters have to be drawn by Apple artists in style emoji of the company . All 10 emoji Unicode are listed on the Emojipedia site.

The first beta of iOS 11.1 was released to developers last week. It did not include the promised Unicode emojis 10, but Apple says they will be added in the developer and public betas of iOS 11.1 next week.

We have also seen evidence suggesting that iOS 11.1 might include Apple's cash payment feature or Apple Pay Cash, as employees are testing it internally , so the update is shaping up to be a significant variation to the iOS 11 operating system . 

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