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Saturday, 28 October 2017

These are the repair costs of the iPhone X

Today the iPhone X has gone on sale, surpassing all the expectations of purchase and placing itself in the 6 weeks for the shipment. Users have gone mad with Apple's new design and have made it clear when they decided not to buy the iPhone 8 .

However, when we buy a new terminal we are always assailed by a doubt: what happens if I drop it? As a general rule, fixing an iPhone does not usually go cheap-quite the opposite. We have been waiting for Apple to update its page in the support center with the prices for fixing our iPhone X.

The cost of repair will not get the iPhone X out of pocket

We already knew that Apple loves to encourage us to take care of our iPhone and save us the very high price of its repair costs . Well, with the iPhone X have been lucid . They have set prices too high: with the cost of repairing the screen you can buy an iPhone SE in most stores.

This does not stay here, the price set in the "Other damage" column is € 611.10 - a new iPhone 6 -. We will not deny at any time that the new iPhone has no components that raise its price: all referring to the Face ID, processor, screen ... But fix any other terminal damage can not be more than half of its price.

Apple has always opted to give two types of standardized budgets, however, if you go to an Apple Store the repair prices may vary depending on the problem and its severity . We recommend that before you put your hands to your head for this type of general price, go to the nearest authorized center.

On the other hand, Apple reminds us that we will charge a fee of € 12.10 for sending our iPhone X to the SAT, if they can not repair it in the Apple Store.

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