They invent an ingenious way to add a new button to the iPad -


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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

They invent an ingenious way to add a new button to the iPad

The future has arrived, and the buttons are practically a thing of the past. The Apple iPhone X has already removed its iconic home button , in fact the iPhone 7 already had a capacitive Home pressure sensitive button.

From now on, companies will look for other alternatives when it comes to implementing hardware in the buttons that react to the software of their terminals. And soon, all physical buttons will disappear on mobile devices.

So far, the only home buttons that persist in the Apple terminals are the Home buttons of the iPad. But this could also change ... The company Astro HQ has devised a way to employ an imaginary button on the camera of the iPad . And it works like hell!

So could be the virtual buttons of the future

The idea of ​​Astro HQ is to use an iPad as a second screen for a Mac , without cables. The method is about converting the front camera of the iPad into a virtual button that gives access to a series of functions.

Luna Display is a small USB connector that connects to the Mac, and transmits data directly to an iPad application to become a second screen for the Mac. Without lag, and with a fantastic visual fidelity.

Since TechCrunch have tested a prototype, the idea present in Kickstarter . And they are very satisfied with the results. In addition, the accessory is compatible with Apple Pencil.

The virtual camera button on the iPad offers additional functions for the application user interface. All you have to do is press on the FaceTime camera of the tablet and as if by magic a side menu with different options appears.

The final result is amazing, as you will see in the video that we have attached. Apple does not usually react to such inventions. But who knows, maybe in the future we will see an iPad with similar functions. What do you think about this curious invention?

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