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Friday, 13 October 2017

Things that do not happen with iPhone: security

iOS and Android. Android and iOS. A rivalry that has been brewing for a decade. It's not that if you love iOS you hate Android, but in fact, most iOS users come from Android and we keep a somewhat bittersweet experience : yes, it allows you to customize, but in return, updating your device is often a task almost impossible.

Overall, the design and usability of Android is much less intuitive and clean than the iOS and then there is a key theme: security. But yes, with Android you can always customize and rummage your mobile to your liking, it is much more flexible. But that has two readings and sometimes we do not see the dark side of the story .

Apple iOS is much safer than Android

Tim Cook said in his moment a reality , that while in iOS all the devices (except the obsolete) are compatible and have the installation of the updates to a pair of taps, when Android develops an update, incorporate it in his park of mobile makes a whole odyssey , even if your cell phone is less than a year old and you have left a paste in it.

The same goes for the app buying platform. While entering Google Play is relatively easy for apps, iOS have to pass more screens , filters and many are in the way: illegal apps, apps that infringe on intellectual property, malware, piracy ...

Entering the App Store is a much slower and stricter process. And for sample, a button. Today we echo what an expert security expert about an app found on Google Play:

Yes, it pretends to be an antivirus as popular as Avast both in name and in screenshots and even the logo looks like the original. It also has 5 stars. Who would not let him down? Do it and you would fall into a dangerous trap for your Android , leaving it full of ads, much slower and who knows what more dangers would expose.

So do not think, if you want security, stay in iOS . 

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