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Sunday, 1 October 2017

This amazing feature of the iPhone 8 Plus will delight you

The iPhone 8 Plus is a really boring smartphone. It looks like the iPhone 7 Plus, which looked like the iPhone 6s Plus, which looked like the iPhone 6 Plus. Four consecutive years with the same smartphone design is too. New and good improvements have been added along the way, and of course there have been drastic changes in speed and performance .

Now, the iOS user experience has not changed much in that time span, so some people feel almost as if they were using the same phone for more than three years .

Of course, the iPhone 8 Plus is still the best smartphone in the world right now, until the arrival of the iPhone X on November 3. But the new camera is phenomenal and the speed improvements are appreciable, but there is one thing that you can enjoy more than you expect .

Apple has added a new feature to its 2017 iPhone called "True Tone," which debuted on the company's iPad. The premise is quite simple: the device uses built-in sensors to control the color temperature of ambient light , and adjusts the color temperature of its own screens to match.

The iPhone has a feature called " Night Shift " since iOS 10 and was introduced last year. This feature automatically reduces blue screen light every night at set time or at dusk, and drastically reduces visual fatigue in low light conditions . But there is an obvious problem with the change of night: just because it is night does not mean that it is in the dark.

Throughout the day and night, we constantly move through different illuminations. Some rooms have bright LED bulbs. Others have softer incandescent bulbs. Sometimes it's sunny outside. Other times it is cloudy and gray. The night does not admit any of these lighting changes. But the True Tone screen on the Apple iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus do, changing dynamically to suit your environment .

It may seem a minor thing to those who have not yet experienced it, but it is not foolish at all. This is a feature that all smartphone manufacturers are able to steal from Apple over the next few years . Automatic color temperature adjustments have a great positive impact on the user experience, reducing visual fatigue in the process. Beyond that, the screen simply looks better with the surrounding light.

Have you had a chance to try it? How about? - Is the iPhone 8 really a bland phone? _ All this and more we look forward to in comments . See you soon.

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