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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

This is how Apple Watch 3 records your data when you swim

The Apple Watch 3 , like the previous generation smartwatch, is able to record your data while swimming. But did you know how he can do something so complex?

Carrying thorough monitoring of things like running is not so difficult, after all the GPS system coordinates all your movements. But what happens when we are underwater? Things get a bit more complicated.

Since PopSci have spoken with Apple executives on this issue, and have managed to explain how the Apple Watch 3 employs different sensors to record the data of each user while they are swimming in the water.

How does Apple Watch 3 record your data underwater?

The Apple Watch Series 3 uses a combination of several sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer and GPS . But before he could use his performance, Apple had to study even the smallest detail of the movements of many swimmers.

Apple discovered something fascinating. Not all swimmers are the same . Professionals follow a very specific pattern when it comes to swimming. But the patterns are not so clear with amateur swimmers. And what about the somersault that users give underwater when they reach the end of a lap? That is also very difficult to measure ...

The device sends a GPS signal each time the user's hand comes out of the water . The accelerometer measures the movement, and the gyroscope determines how many degrees the Apple Watch has rotated per second. All the sensors together, in unison, are able to record all the data of each user.

    "What we are looking for is literally the path of your wrist as you make each stroke. It is important that follow-up is accurate, as each movement affects how many calories users burn. " 

In addition, it is imperative to manually set the length of each pool to get better measurements in the data records. Another of the more curious details that Apple has shared is that the company employs special measures to estimate the calories burned . A beginner will use a lot more effort to finish a lap, so the device also takes that into account.

Source | Phone Arena 

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