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Thursday, 19 October 2017

This is the iMessage bug that can kill your patience

One of the best things about all Apple devices is how tightly integrated the different device lines are. You have an iPhone and receive the iMessages also on the iPad or the Mac , to give an example.

All of its content is available through every Apple device, and the features of continuity allow you to have in one device everything where you left in another . For example, if you're halfway through reading an article on Safari on the way to your home, you can have it on your iPad or Mac with a simple touch.

Of course, the best example of integration between iOS devices and MacOS devices can be found in messaging applications . Conversations on an iPhone or iPad are reflected on a Mac, as long as the user has logged in to the same iCloud account on both devices.

The same can be said for text messages if the option is enabled. It is a fantastic feature that many Apple users consider essential , but there is a new bug that we will tell you and that brings some users head.

The ability to bring more conversations between devices is indeed one of the best things about the iPhone and Macs, but Apple's latest update to MacOS High Sierr has broken this key functionality for a large number of users.

In short, it seems as if users are not receiving notifications when new messages arrive on an iPhone or iPad. Even having your Mac devices turned on too. And that's not all, notifications on the Mac arrive late , so affected users do not know when they receive messages.

For those affected by this annoying bug , the only things that seem to get messages on an iPhone, even temporarily, are either disable messages on the Mac or just shut down the computer . None of these options are solutions, of course, but at least you can be sure that you will be notified without problem. Worst of all is that at the moment there are no visions in the solution horizon.

Have you had or do you have this problem? If so, we would love to know.

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