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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

This is the most obsessed country with Apple by far

As you know, in some cases Apple goes from being a simple brand with quality products to almost a religion in which its followers try to acquire all the gadgets of the apple bite.

So much so, that the latest survey conducted by the CNBC to the American population reveals an unsuspected fidelity: the average American owns approximately 2.6 Apple products . The last time that this same investigation was done was in 2012 and it obtained a unit less, so it is official: in the United States they love Apple and in addition, they can afford it to him.

In addition, 64% of Americans own an Apple product and this also does not understand demographics : regardless of age, race, gender and religion, Apple products are a nexus of union for all of them.

The biggest demographic discrepancies are, as we all expected, in the socioeconomic level : Americans with lower purchasing power "only" have an Apple product, while the wealthy can have approximately 4.7 products per person.

By the way, approximately 64% of respondents say that the use of their smartphone is mainly productive, something to think about. We explain, you may like iPhone and we believe it is the best terminal on the market, but you do not need to justify your purchase by referring to what you use merely for business purposes . We all stared at each other with Animojis and Augmented Reality apps.

Although there are other brands like Samsung, Google, Xiaomi ... that have a good market share, none have the brand loyalty of Apple , at least among the American population.

What do you think about it? How many Apple products do you have? Do you think that in your country there is the same fever towards the apple or people prefer other brands? Give your opinion in the comments

Via | Mashable 

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