This is our selection of fantastic games from the App Store -


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Friday, 27 October 2017

This is our selection of fantastic games from the App Store

The App Store in iOS 11 is completely new so discovering apps and games is easier than ever. The new articles and interviews will tell the stories of iOS developers, their apps and their games . And accessing the App Store for iMessage is a breeze with the new apps section. So let's take a look at the ones we are offered in games during this week.


The objective is simple, move blocks horizontally to create and erase complete lines. It is a free and easy to learn game . Slidey will catch you from the first moment and you will begin to enjoy the type of game that you needed.

Why you'll love Slidey:

● Contains a new type of puzzle that will keep your brain entertained, either for a few minutes or for long hours.

● It is an endless challenge, you can play it all your life and still you will always find something to discover.

● Gain experience while you play. Raise the level of your nice Shaman and get access to the masks and exciting gifts of the Shaman.

● Includes an original soundtrack with custom sound effects.

Does not Commute

A strategic driving game from the award-winning creator of Smash Hit. Does Not Commute is a temporary paradox in which you have no one to blame , other than yourself. What begins as a relaxing trip in a small town of the 70s quickly leads to chaos in traffic with hot dog vans, sports cars, school buses and dozens of other vehicles. You drive them all. Plan ahead Do not delay

Push & Pop

Slide, enter, stack and erase! Push & Pop is a challenging puzzle machine. Boxes, cold light and retro electronic music. Take a look at the organized and abundant boxes that move in the bright light : let's immerse ourselves in the mysterious and brilliant electronic matrix!

Mmm Fingers 2

How long can you protect your fingers from hungry monsters? Touch and hold your finger on the screen as much as you can. Do not separate it or touch your teeth or, otherwise, you will take a bite and the game will be over!


- New monsters.

- New challenge mode.

- New and exclusive challenges every day.

- Classification and achievements.

- Easy to play: vertically and with just one finger.

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