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Sunday, 29 October 2017

This is what happens when a message is deleted in a WhatsApp chat

During last week WhatsApp premiered Live Locations , the function that allowed us to send our location in real time to our contacts. Well, not a week has been needed to implement another feature, this time as desired is the possibility of deleting sent messages. And is that, who has not sent a message by mistake in the chat that was not or has written something that later has repented?

If you do not have very clear how this function works on iPhone, in this post we explain a detailed tutorial . However, it is a function that has its premises to work properly and also has not yet been implemented in all countries, much less all devices.

What should you know about deleting a message on WhatsApp?

First of all, you have two options: delete a message for all or delete a message for you . In the first case, you can delete a specific message that will also be deleted in the recipient's chat, while in the second case, it will only delete the message on your mobile. In fact, for the second one you do not even require internet and it has been implemented for a long time in WhatsApp.

But it is not the only condition : you can only delete a message for everyone if it has been sent less than 7 minutes ago. That is, you do not have all the time in the world, although most errors will be fixed in time. After that 7 minutes, you can only delete the message for you, come on, it will not help.

Also, it is not that it is a delete in ninja mode : every time you delete a message, it will be replaced by another one that says "This message was deleted". So they will not see the content, but they will know that there has been something.

Remember that the function to delete messages works for text, GIFs, photos, voice notes and appointments ... come on, for absolutely everything you send through a WhatsApp chat.

Finally, to be able to apply "Delete messages for all" it is required to have the latest update of WhatsApp installed in your device and that your recipients have it, otherwise it will not work.

Via | Urban Tecno

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