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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Tim Cook drops the iPhone X from his pocket

And to our dear Tim Cook, how he likes the tight Chinese (we talk about pants, of course). In fact, at the end of August we were already surprised with those gray pants that left so little to the imagination ... would be a Samsung Galaxy S8? No, obviously it was the iPhone X , confirmed by Apple's own CEO.

But the same trousers are still bad . Anyone who has brought some Chinese will know that those pockets, which are terribly comfortable to get their hands on, are a horror to carry everything else: the coins fall, the keys are lost ... the same is true of the mobiles. In general, the bigger the object you put in those pockets, the easier it falls.

And that's exactly what happened to the good Cook this time, while sitting on his majestic iPhone X (for him there are no delays or problems in production, he would miss more, and have been enjoying the terminal for months) he has slipped away to the chair where he was sitting. And no, it's not the iPhone 8, that dual vertical camera is simply unmistakable .

By the way, Tim's face is hilarious, between surprised, embarrassed and mischievous. Not for less, while the rest we find counting the days that are missing until the 27 of this month and praying that the stocks are sufficient for the high demand . However, it is not the first iPhone X we see . More and more graphic videos and documents appear online from Apple people or workers in the production chain who have done with one of them.

Patience. Remember that the iPhone X can be booked on October 27 and proceed to purchase on November 3.

Via | Twitter of Spike Rundle 

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