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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tim Cook hints that Samsung and Google products do not have enough quality to be Apple's

Lately, when Tim Cook talks, raise the bread. After ensuring that Apple is not for the rich or that the iPhone X is a bargain , today just released a notice to navigators about the Augmented Reality . And is that for him, one of the biggest advances integrated in the latest generation iPhone, is not yet ready to be integrated into a pair of glasses.

Maybe that explains the failure of Google Glasses a couple of years ago and by the way, launches a recadito to other manufacturers of the competition as Samsung or Google itself, who this year have finally seen as the RA was coming to the lecture thanks to Apple's ARKit.

As always, Apple is not the first, it is simply the one that best implements a new function . The same thing happened with facial recognition, something that was already on Android since 2012 and that even the Samsung Galaxy S8 counts but that is easily misleading with a simple passport photo .

Usually, Cook always refuses to talk about products in development, but everything points to not see similar devices imminently , or at least until that technology matures a little. In these terms it counted Tim Cook:

    To this day I can tell you that there is no technology to allow it with some quality. The screen technology required and the way to integrate elements around your face ... are great challenges. In the field of vision, there is not yet so much quality. We want to give the lemjor to the people, a great experience. But nothing you see on the market is something that we would take pride in as an Apple product. And people would not be satisfied.

Indirectly, the CEO of Apple sent a little note and demonstrated once again why Apple tends to innovate later than others , but better. It is said that Apple would be working on the development of augmented reality glasses, but probably have to wait a year or more until in Cupertino den with the key.

In fact Cook himself says that the technological challenges posed by AR smart glasses can be solved, that it is only a matter of time.

Via | Macrumors 

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