To boost sales of the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7 loses its best model -


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Monday, 23 October 2017

To boost sales of the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7 loses its best model

After the spectacular presentation of Apple on September 12, many would think that it is time to leave behind the iPhone 7 . That does not make sense to keep it on the line to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, especially when the iPhone 8 is little more than an improved version of the iPhone 7. Well, it seems that this has not been the case, and sales of the successor they are especially noticeable , which has led Apple to take action on the matter.

As we have mentioned before, despite the effort that has put the company in making known the iPhone 8, it seems that it has difficult to compete with the rest of colleagues in their line. And not only do we refer to the iPhone X , which alone gives enough reason to wait a little longer, but also to the iPhone 7. His predecessor is making him at least ridiculous as far as sales figures are concerned.

If you want 256GB in your iPhone without losing a kidney, you will have to buy the iPhone 8 

For all this, Apple has decided to make it a little more difficult for consumers, who from now on will not be able to choose the capacity of 256GB of storage with the iPhone 7. If you want to buy a new iPhone with the maximum amount of memory possible, you will have you purchase an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X. And if you're going to be guiding by the price of the devices, you will have no choice other than the iPhone 8. This is how Apple wants to "force" you to buy the ugly duckling of the generation.

However, all this is nothing new. Every year, when the Cupertino present a new generation of devices, or iPhone, more specifically, cleaning in the previous generation. The normal thing, in fact, would have been that there would have been only one model of iPhone 7 available, but it seems that they have decided to leave a range of options somewhat wider. We will see how this feels to the iPhone 8.

Via | Mashable 

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