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Friday, 13 October 2017

Tutorial: Recover your laptop password without using programs

Losing a device password is one of the worst setbacks. Without it we can not access almost any of the options; which leaves us completely out in the open. That is why it is essential to have tricks by hand and always have a minimum knowledge. Today we want to teach you how to recover a password quickly and easily.

How to recover a password

Having a Windows installation CD, we can reset the Windows password even when it is locked out of the computer. In fact, it allows us to make full use of the command line and by using CDM we can easily restore it.

Follow the steps below to reset a lost password :

First, start your computer with the Windows installation CD and you should see an installation wizard.

Now click the "Repair Your Computer" option, and then select "Command Prompt" under System Recovery Options. (or you can directly press Shift + F10 to run the command line).

Enter the following commands on the command line and press Enter:
c: windowssystem32sethc.exe c:

Right after this, type the following command in the same command window and press Enter:
copy c: windowssystem32cmd.exe c: windowssystem32sethc.exe

Now, remove the DVD and restart the computer. After restarting the system, the login screen will open again. Here press the Shift key 5 times to open the command line (we replace sethc.exe with cmd.exe).

Finally, reset the password of your Windows computer by using the following command at the command line.
net user username password

With that we would have everything ready.

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