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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Tutorial: Recover your Windows 10 password if you have lost it

If you forgot your Windows 10 administrator password, you are likely to find yourself in a very critical condition as you will not even be able to log on to the computer. And, when it comes to solving this problem, the most common solution is to format the computer that could cause the loss of your important data stored on the PC. As we do not want this to happen, because it is a real mess, we will teach you how to recover the Windows 10 password .

How to recover Windows 10 password

Since Windows 8, people are using the password of their Microsoft account to log on to the computer. Therefore, if you also log on to your Windows 10 computer using your Microsoft account password, you can reset it online by following the simple instructions.

To reset your Microsoft account password, you must remember the phone number or alternate email account you provided when you signed up for your Microsoft account. This would be the fastest way, but we have more.

How to recover Windows 10 password: PcUnlocker

PCUnlocker is a boot utility that helps you reset the forgotten Windows 10 administrator or other user passwords without having to lose any data.

It is very easy to reset the Windows 10 password using the PCUnlocker tool. Simply create a PCUnlocker Live CD or a USB drive and use it to boot your locked PC.

The program will display all existing user accounts in the Windows SAM registry hive or in the Active Directory database. Now, simply select one of your local accounts and click the " Reset Password " button.

The program will check the status of your selected account and will perform the following tasks to solve the problem of your password:

Delete the password if your Windows account is password protected.
Change the Microsoft account associated with the local account.
Promote your selected standard / limited user to the administrator.
Activate the account if it is disabled.
Unlock your locked account.
And much more…

Once you have reset your Windows 10 password and logged in to the system, be sure to set a new password. This time do not forget it!

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