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Monday, 9 October 2017

Using iMessage apps with iOS 11

Apps from the App Store for the Apple iMessage messaging platform do not provide only Stickers. They are much more: mobile payments, GIFs, games, social networks, songs ...

Now, with iOS 11, iMessage applications are much easier to use . Previously the applications required too many touches on the screen to get to choose the content that the users wanted.

But in iOS 11, in addition to including new chat effects , Apple has incorporated a small toolbar for applications at the bottom of the user interface of the Messages application that will make things more comfortable for users.

What are iMessage applications for?

IMessage apps give you quick access to most features of the apps you use regularly on your iPhone and iPad. You can use the Dropbox extension to share a recent file, you can use CityMapper to share your location instantly, you can use Giphy to find your favorite GIFs, share videos quickly with YouTube ...

There are even applications designed to work inside iMessage . Like for example the online multiplayer games by turns.

How do I use iMessage apps on iOS 11?

The new iMessage toolbar on iOS 11 lets you swipe your finger over it to quickly choose the application you want to use . Contains all active applications. Once you select those you want, the app will open taking up all the space that would use the keyboard.

To expand the application to full screen you can press the arrow button at the top of the app.

1. Open iMessage.

2. Access a chat conversation.

3. Slide your finger on the application bar.

4. Tap the app you want to use.

This iOS 11 application bar for iMessage is much more intuitive than the method that iOS 10 offered. Now users have access to their most used applications and can use the rest of applications in an easier and faster way.
How to add and remove apps on iOS 11?

If you do not use a particular application, if you have too many, or if you want to use a new application, iMessage allows you to customize the contents easily.

1. Open iMessage.

2. Access a conversation.

3. Click the "..." button in the app bar.

4. Click on the "Edit" button in the upper right corner.

5. Here you can add favorites and disable those apps that you do not want to use (they are not removed from your device).

6. In the application bar, tap the icon of the App Store.

7. Click the "Visit Store" button.

8. Find the app you want and install it.

Managing iMessage applications is very simple, and will allow you to do wonders that in other apps like WhatsApp are not yet available. Which messenger app do you usually use? What is your favorite app for iMessage?

Via | Cult of Mac 

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