Very iPhone and lots of iPhone, Apple triumphs in Spain -


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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Very iPhone and lots of iPhone, Apple triumphs in Spain

Let's face it, compared to other major markets, we are not the most fond of Apple products. In Spain, for a long time, we are especially fond of Android . Especially because of its large number of devices, and because it comes out cheaper than buying an iPhone, that's going to be something that will not change in the long run. However, that does not mean that a certain balance can not be established.

Yesterday, analyst firm Kantar published its periodic market survey , with data for the quarter ending last August. That is, the analysis does not take into account the sales that may have had the iPhone 8 in the month of September, and, of course, also influences the next release of the iPhone X. Even so, although there have been changes in hardware, the share of iOS in Spain has risen significantly.

Apple begins to strengthen again in our country 

To be exact, the difference between periods has been of 4.3%, which gives a market share of 11.4% in Spain. According to Kantar, one of the main reasons for this change is that there has been a generalized growth throughout Europe in terms of the market share of Cupertino. Anyway, it is important to highlight the great leap that has given Apple in our country in smartphone sales.

If we add that the iPhone X will arrive in the coming weeks, the company has the perfect opportunity to eat a good piece of cake to Google. This would be good for a very specific reason: in terms of product launches and services, it gives the impression that for both Apple and Google we are a secondary market . If you start to ignite the flame of competition, it is possible that both companies start to worry a little more about us.

And you, do you belong to the group that has made the leap to iOS?

Source | Kantar 

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