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Monday, 23 October 2017

Was real-time location required in WhatsApp?

Lately WhatsApp is out: group calls , WhatsApp for companies through WhatsApp Business , emojis searchers so that we always have our favorite emoticon on hand ... and now one that is on its way to become something as controversial as the WhatsApp states : real-time location. Was it a necessary function or is it going to bring us more problems than benefits?

Your name is Live Locations and allows us to share the exact location where you are in real time with any of your contacts. This same function is not a novelty in itself, in fact Telegram integrated it a short time ago, although with WhatsApp given its enormous depth in society, it becomes a tool available to everyone.

But of course, we return to the usual: the lack of privacy and control that we are subjected to new technologies. And is that now is not enough for people to control whether or not you have read their messages, if you have answered the moment, the last hour of connection ... With live locations can ask you until you send your location to ensure that you are where you say you are

Okay, this has its advantages and disadvantages . For starters, it's very useful if you get lost, or if you're a young lad who wants his parents to go get him, or an accident or natural disaster. Of course, when you are in a crowd, it is always good to know your location in case you shoot: malls, discos, festivals, parties ...

But what if your boss asks you for the location? Or even if your partner tells you to send your location to verify where you are. Actually, this is more a problem of abuse of trust and toxicity than anything else. Technology is never bad, it is the use we make of it to what can be pernicious.

What do you think about the new WhatsApp? Was it necessary or would it only bring us burdens and problems? Give your opinion in the comments 

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