Watch out! Do not fall for the Decathlon WhatsApp scam -


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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Watch out! Do not fall for the Decathlon WhatsApp scam

If this last week we warned you of the scam that circulates through this popular messaging network , and in which the affected was Coca-Cola , we again have knowledge of another hoax. The Spanish National Police has warned, through its official account on Twitter, of a new scam that is circulating and that uses the sports chain Decathlon.

The cyber-criminals have spread a message in which they are encouraged to click on a link that will redirect you to a questionnaire. Like any scam that claims its worth, there is a juicy hook for a 250 Euro gift voucher .

To complete the play, it meets the requirements of a manual scam. This is no other to urge the user to disseminate the promotion. The scammers have it clear, the more unwary, the greater the profits . So sad but so real.

Decathlon is thus added to the big companies that are used by criminals to commit their outrages through WhatsApp. If we remember, the companies that have already been affected are Coca-Cola, the international fashion chain Zara and the Swedish furniture giant IKEA .

The data collected is sold by the creators of the scam. Likewise, people who pick the hook can be subscribed, obviously without knowing it and without their consent to any SMS Premium service . Then, upon arriving the invoice we will see that the amount of this is very bulky.

To avoid falling into this type of scams you must have very clear some premises.

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off by WhatsApp

"Nobody gives away anything, let alone a succulent prize for doing a survey.

- Look at the link that accompanies the message, it is never like the official brand .

-It asks you to share or forward .

-You will be sent back from a friend , never from the official channel of the brand.

If you receive any messages of this type, just go from it or better, delete it. Now we only have to know which company will be affected next and what will be what you give. Remember that we can all make a more friendly and secure internet .

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