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Monday, 2 October 2017

We bring back applications and games for free, take advantage of them!

Despite being Sunday again we have new applications and games that go from being paid to have a very special price, zero. Our bet for today is varied, come on, for all audiences . As we know that this post is always highly anticipated, without further delay, we leave you with it.

Security Robot

Attention to the price reduction of this app, spectacular. If you have an iPhone or iPad that you no longer use, give it new life as a security camera .


-Use the old iPhone, iPad or iPod. Supports iOS 6.

-Readers more than 700 hours continuously. No other camera app does it .

- Put it to record and forget it . It will record continuously until you stop it.

-Protected against hacking Wi-Fi. WPA2 is now breakable by hackers.

 Security Robot
Security Robot

Zinio - The Digital Magazine Kiosk

Browse thousands of digital magazines from around the world in a kiosk with the largest selection of titles, or read recent articles for free. The best in news, politics, technology, art, fashion, travel and much more . Zinio connects you with the news and articles that forge the story from the magazines that interest you the most.

-Lee all your journals at the time they arrive, and synchronize your library offline and between all your devices.

-Explore articles to preview magazines or discover incredible stories from our best magazines around the world.

The Blocking Dead

The best Zombie puzzle game. Challenge your mind, logic and reaction time all at once in this fun puzzle based on the gravity of physics. The objective? It's simple: destroy the Zombies, and do not let any of the brains fall off the platform . Be quick about it, but look where you hit, or if crushing a brain detonates a bomb.


Gyroscope has controlled the missile defense! Protect the doomed world by finding and destroying an endless horde of enemies before they can break the shields of your planet .

-Use your gyroscope to its full potential.

Destroy enemy missiles to protect the planet.

-Integration with Gamecenter and Twitter.

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