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Friday, 6 October 2017

We did not have enough with Amazon Prime and Netflix is ​​aiming for the rise

We do not win today for scares, to tell you the truth. After the news we had this morning about the most possible rise in prices of Amazon Prime in Spain, Netflix is ​​also going to do. The platform of videos in streaming, and that is in a continuous growth will increase between one and two euros the prices of their plans in our country.

The price of the basic package will be maintained at 7.99 euros, but the Standard with HD content and with two simultaneous devices goes up one euro and makes it up to 10.99 euros and Premium, which has ultra HD content and the possibility of up to four devices a lavez up two euros more, up to 13.99 euros .

These increases are valid from today for all new customers. Those who already are will receive notifications that will be effective after 30 days, so the increase in the invoice will be effective as of next November .

Many of you will be wondering why this increase in services. Netflix is ​​shielded in an increase of the quality of the service and in a constant improvement of multimedia contents, that according to the company will be much better.

"From time to time Netflix plans and pricing fits as we add more exclusive series and movies, introduce new product features and enhance the overall Netflix experience to help users find great content even faster , has reported Netflix in a note.

The popular platform for viewing digital content is very popular in our country , where increasingly is getting a better market share. The investment in own content for 2018 is estimated at 7,000 million dollars . If the company wants to maintain this production line, they consider that they need to make the subscriptions more profitable .

You know, all tighten the belt a little more, although we want the change in the rates is worth it . 

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