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Friday, 6 October 2017

We know you want this post to come every day

Yes, you guessed it.We just got out of the pan the apps and games of the week that are free for a limited time, that is, only today. That is why we leave you our particular selection hoping that they are to your liking . Remember that, if we do not say otherwise, they are all for iPhone and iPad.

DesignLab Studio

Create beautiful designs and professional graphics with DesignLab. Choose from millions of images, graphics, fonts and customizable templates to produce stunning images, perfect for social networks. It's fast, fun and easy.

How people are using DesignLab:

  •     Social Media Charts
  •     Typographic design
  •     Event Promotion
  •     Birthday cards and invitations
  •     Special offer for sale
  •     Screen Brands 

The list does not end, it is a spectacular offer , as much as the application itself.

BlastBall MAX

BlastBall MAX is the ultimate challenge for puzzle fans, which will take you to a new puzzle mechanic. The basic objective of BlastBall is to do 5 in 1, but dominating the mobile board is not a thing available to anyone, you can discover a puzzle game with depth and as never before you have seen .

Binaural Meditation - Deep Mindfulness

Scientifically tested, the designed frequencies are meant to induce specific moods. The bumps in Binaural Meditation have been prepared to help you enter into deep states of meditation and focus attention as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

iOrnament - The Art of Symmetry

iOrnament combines art and science, creativity and training, math and fun. With iOrnament everyone can be an artist . Just draw strokes and iOrnament repeats them according to the exact rules of symmetry. You can create fascinating ornaments and complicated designs. Fun and challenging for all ages. Includes interactive drop-down tutorial and many drawing tips !

This has been our proposal for today. To finish having a good day and we'll wait for you tomorrow .

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