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Friday, 20 October 2017

What is a VPN and why should you use it on your iPhone and iPad

The more than 50 million mobile lines, more than one per inhabitant, make the sensitivity of our data can be altered . Of these lines, 80 percent have mobile data, that is, they allow us to connect to the internet from a device, which may well be an iPhone or an iPad.

With so much volume of lines and connections, we all connect to the internet several times a day, it is very important to be protected and for them we are going to announce two free applications and that work very well , we will talk about Opera VPN and WindScribe , because security should never be taken as a game.

First, we must know what a VPN is. They are the initials of Virtual Private Network, that is to say, it is to create a local network without necessity that its members are physically connected to each other , but everything does and creates through the Internet . The good thing about connecting through a VPN is that it always provides some extra benefit and is to provide us with more privacy.

We have repeatedly talked about the public Wi-Fi networks offered in shopping malls, restaurants and more. It is not convenient to conduct certain queries from these networks (banks or sensitive data), given their ease to be "hacked" and stolen the information transmitted by them.

With VPN access, users of iPhone and iPad that use this type of applications can omit restrictions in geographic locations, block ads, although this may have days counted , and even avoid firewalls or firewalls. You can also block ad tracking software that is so annoying .

We want to comment that in the App Store there are many VPN applications, we have chosen these to Opera VPN and WindScribe because we have found it easy, intuitive and above all, secure.

All you have to do is download the applications in the App Store and when you open it, allow you to install your profile. And there is nothing more to do, now you would play safer connections, free of ads and without cookies . Both are free, although WindScribe has a monthly limit of 10 GB , which is fine, and you get them just by confirming your email.

Windscribe VPN
Windscribe VPN

Opera VPN
Opera VPN

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