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Friday, 20 October 2017

What is your main reason for not buying the iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 is a great terminal, its processing power is not comparable with any other phone , except for its brothers iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Despite this, iPhone sales 8 and 8 Plus have not been as good as you might expect from an iPhone.

Nor has it been a normal year for Apple, the Cupertino giant has been selling its phone for 10 years, but for the first time in its history, Apple is going to launch two totally different terminals . One following the line of the previous iPhone 7 and the other with a totally changed design.

It is understandable that people do not want to buy an iPhone 8 right now having around the corner the new iPhone X with a screen that covers almost the entire front. It is very likely that the bad sales of the iPhone 8 are due to people are waiting to be able to buy the iPhone X , in any case, Apple is winning.

Why would not you buy an iPhone 8? 

To confirm fears, phonearena.com has conducted a survey on the reasons why you would not buy an iPhone 8. There is a reason that stands out above all others: people do not buy the iPhone 8 because they are waiting for the iPhone X. This was voted by the 21.1% of people who conducted the survey.

Of course there are more reasons not to buy this phone, the likely owners of iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s surely opted for the second most voted option, with 20.56%: "I do not need to update my current iPhone . " And is that if something can be expected from an iPhone is its lifespan and more given that the iPhone 5s is still up and running properly.

Then follow the people who complain about the obsolete design of the iPhone 8, with a 18.36% of votes. These clarify that the large margins and the large device are unnecessary and is reason enough not to buy the terminal . Behind, with 15.04% we have a cliché of Apple, people who complains about the price. Understandable if we look at the prices of other phones, but you must always remember that this is the highest range of phones that we can find and prices are always around 800 euros .

All that remains speaks of the fragility added by a glass body with 3.12% of votes, the extra charge for the fast charge with 2.3% and that the iPhone 8 does not bring double camera with 3.52%. The other reasons have a very low percentage of votes but take 15.99% of the total survey.

In short, Apple does not go wrong in sales, quite the opposite . Many of the potential buyers of iPhone 8 have opted to wait and buy the new iPhone X, more expensive and purported better quality.

Why would not you buy the iPhone 8? Are you going to buy the iPhone X?

Source | phonearena.com 

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