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Saturday, 14 October 2017

What's new in WhatsApp is as useful as necessary

If there is a star messaging application that practically all of us use on our devices that is WhatsApp. The popular social messaging network has overwhelming numbers, more than 1200 million people in the world use it continuously.

In Spain, the degree of penetration of the network is very high, being the queen indisputable among the applications of communication. This network, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, rages on Telegram , which has more advanced features , Line or iMessage. That is why, the use that is given in our territory is maximum.

The latest iOS update for WhatsApp has brought some great new features. The version is 2.17.61 Has the new update fixed annoying problems such as missing push notifications ?

For a few days, WhatsApp users on social networks have been complaining about a problem that prevents automatic forwarding of incoming notifications , so-called push messages. After the iOS 11 update, sometimes only when the message is opened, the messages arrive at the receiver.

Other WhatsApp users on the iPhone reported on a frozen keyboard bar in WhatsApp chat windows . Hopefully with this update does not reappear, as it happened too many times and was really annoying.

Can Version 2.17.61 Solve Problems?

Version 2.17.61 aims to solve completely the problems that have appeared. The download is through the Apple App Store and has a size of almost 150 MB . A prerequisite for a successful upgrade is an iPhone with at least iOS 7.0, very simple thing.

Another option that has been put is to search for messages within a specific chat. With it you can find any message in an individual or group conversation. To do this you must click on the name of the chat, go to the Info and select "Search Chat" . With this we forget to give the scroll up or down to search

What do you think of this option? Will this version end with the annoying push problems? 

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