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Monday, 30 October 2017

WhatsApp, why are there only 7 minutes to erase messages?

As we have already commented a few days ago, WhatsApp already allows to eliminate the messages that we send through our conversations. In this way, we can get rid of all those unfortunate shipments that until then made us have a hard time. However, the new option that offers us has certain drawbacks. Not only because it has probably caused them to stop working on the option to edit messages, but because it imposes some conditions.

At this point, after what we have been waiting for to have this functionality, WhatsApp has still dared to put a hit when canceling a message . Instead of giving us facilities, such as Telegram, where you only have to mark a message and delete it to leave no trace of it, not only do we have to leave a notice that we have deleted it, but we can not do it whenever we want. We will only have 7 minutes to eliminate it , although there could be certain reasons for this.

Every second matters when it comes to making a WhatsApp message disappear

It is a measure of the strangest that WhatsApp proposes to us. Why do we only have seven minutes to decide? They must have thought a lot to have chosen exactly that time. After those minutes, the message can not be deleted, and will remain there forever, unless you manage to eliminate it from all the mobile phones that have received it, something much more complicated and that usually ends badly if it is done without the consent of the owner.

We assume that this "reflection time" is simply to avoid keeping messages on the server too long. Perhaps during those seven minutes the message is in limbo, and once they are finished, they are permanently stored in the recipient's mobile. Or it is simply an attempt to prevent people from eliminating messages later, in the event that they commit them in some way, such as in a legal process.

And you, why do you think WhatsApp has set this limit?

Via | Andro4All

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