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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

WhatsApp will notify your contacts when you change numbers

Little by little, WhatsApp continues to meet the most demanding demands of users over time. If a few days ago we commented that very soon implement a shortcut on the keyboard to access our favorite emoji and that emoji that resists us among the wide range available, now wants to make our lives easier when we change numbers.

And is that after the controversial states of WhatsApp, those of Mark Zuckerberg seem to have caught the trick to this of updates and each new is better than the last . So yes it pleases WhatsApp to be the most used messaging app on the planet.

According to WhatsApp's latest new beta, the new feature will save you time and save you the disgust of losing contacts every time you change lines.
When you change your phone number, your contacts will be notified

As explained in Andro4All, the beta version of WhatsApp 2.17.375, incorporates an option in the settings in this regard. That is, we must go to Settings > Account and there we will see the Change number option. There you can enter your new phone number and mark who will be notified that you have changed the line.

The options available are all, no one or a specific and personalized number of contacts, and it is always a good time to clean up our contact list, but controlling who we lose sight of and who we maintain in our list of Contacts .

We imagine that it will be a question of weeks that this function available in the beta arrives at the official version and that as always, it will arrive first at iOS and later at Android. However, this is a very useful implementation and many users had missed, often drama when you changed numbers and lost half of them.

Via | Andro4All 

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