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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Which iPhone X model will be sold out first?

When Apple launches a new iPhone, we all come up with our ideas : what color do we want, whether we will choose more or less storage space, the standard version or the somewhat larger Plus ... something that with the iPhone 10th anniversary special edition will not happen . And is that with the iPhone X , the elections are minimal.

And is that with the iPhone X there is no Plus version, but there are many less colors than we are accustomed . Of course, storage options there are only two. Since Apple banished the insufficient 16 GB, the trend was clear: more storage for more intensive and demanding users who download many apps and pile photos and videos. And a tighter one for lighter users, who use the cloud or who just do not get as much cane.

With the iPhone X there is little to choose

For starters, the iPhone X will only be available in silver or space gray . There are no halftones, no glossy finishes or trendy colors. Of course, the front will always be black, which means that as most we carry a case protecting our terminal, there will be little difference in their daily use, unless you are a daring that goes with the iPhone X naked.

Personally, I think it's a wise move. Many of us opt for dark colors, for not tired, elegance and that combines with everything. Not to say the colors that are trend or the color combinations I do not know ... you'll be at least a couple of years with it. Also, the white front I think I've always thrown less . There is more to see how many of us would have wanted an iPhone 7 (RED) with a red back but black front .

As for storage, there are only two options 64GB and 256GB , as the iPhone 8. For me is another wise. With the increasing use of apps and games, the fury of streaming content, augmented reality, the cloud ... I think 64 GB will be more than enough to enjoy the terminal and download without worry.

In my case, 64 GB is an ideal quantity. The 16 GB was ridiculous and with 32 maybe I would have to worry. Nor can we forget one thing: the price . Disbursing 1,159 euros is enough and going as far as 1,329 euros is not available to anyone. But it's all about valuing it.

Of course, there will always be people who download games and apps without measure, record videos without pain and also want to forget to run out of space. With the iPhone X you have terminal for years, so if you do not hurt your pocket, go for the 256GB .

Which iPhone X will run out first?

Although it is a personal perception, I think that most users usually opt for the dark color , so without a doubt I think the iPhone X space gray will be the best selling. Of course, with the glass finishes, it must be recognized that the silver version is ideal.

On the other hand, the 64 GB will seem to them a suitable storage capacity for their daily use, besides taking into account the price factor.

So I think the best-selling model will be the 64GB space-saving iPhone X and probably the one that runs out first . On the other hand, we imagine that both operators and Apple have already foreseen this.

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