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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Why the industry needs the iPhone X

Currently, we live in a hyper-connected world in which having a smartphone is not something precisely exclusive. There are many smartphone models that exist, and are designed for all types of pockets , from the lowest range, to the highest range. Nowadays, in our society, the strange thing is not to have a phone of this kind. However, there are still people who, for whatever reason, have not yet decided to enter this market.

Anyway, the truth is that there is still much ground to conquer, even knowing that we speak of an industry with billions of units working . This is something they have demonstrated since the Gartner firm, which has published a new report with predictions about the number of units that will be sold in each segment of the technology market. And the iPhone X has a lot to do with its numbers.
All will benefit from the arrival of the new iPhone to the market

A few days ago, we talked about how the new iPhone X along with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus would constitute the most successful generation of Apple. Today, Gartner has seconded this assertion by publishing sales forecasts for the industry in general. If this year we will reach 1.882 million units sold, next year we could exceed 1,926 million . All this is due in large part to the launch of the new Apple phone.

And, although there will be problems to meet the demand of the launch, it is expected that in the coming months Apple will manage to perfectly control this aspect. In this way, in 2018 they could accelerate sales of the new phone to the point of surpassing the global sales records of the past years. In any case, all this is pure speculation, we will have to wait to know the results, although it seems that will be quite interesting.

And you, how do you think it will affect the launch of iPhone X to the industry?

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