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Friday, 20 October 2017

Why the iPhone 8 Plus camera is better than a real one

Since the launch of the iPhone, smartphones have gradually removed land to the cameras, even coming to occupy part of that market . And no wonder, who wants a camera to store memories when your own phone can do this? Yes, surely we will have more options in a professional camera and more quality, but for the same price we will not make better photos.

We speak of cameras that cost a lot of money and are intended for professional use, since digital cameras have virtually disappeared because the quality of these is not higher than some phones. And so, the smartphone cameras today are really excellent , plus you can sometimes buy accessories that enhance the experience even more.

It is true that we can not fairly compare the camera of the iPhone 8 with a SLR camera, we talk about lenses three or four times wider than the one that incorporates the Apple terminal . Even with that, the camera of the iPhone 8 does not go so far as a good SLR camera that has more or less the same value as the iPhone.

Why is the iPhone better? 

For starters, it is much smaller and lighter . On a trip we do not want to be worried about carrying a large camera, they are heavy and large. Does the superior quality compensate for the poor portability of the camera ? On occasions when we go for a walk or go to crowded places, it hardly pays off. The iPhone 8 camera is really good and very portable, we just have to take out our phone and take a catch.

The image quality after all, is not so bad. Despite the 12 megapixel camera of the iPhone 8 Plus, the images have a top quality range . In addition, the iPhone now takes default captures in HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode whenever it detects that the scene needs it, such as in low light situations. This is impressive when you see its performance and quality.

It also helps that the new Apple processor, the Aion Bionic , can process the images in HDR instantly . We talk about taking hundreds of captures in a very short time and reduce noise in the image considerably thanks to artificial intelligence.

In spite of all this, the catches in low light end up being worse in comparison that those that can take a SLR camera . This does not mean that the iPhone does it wrong, but it is something that must be assumed. If there is no light spot, the iPhone will have it raw to take a picture in the dark and surely the noise is high and the quality not too.

Is capturing video better with the iPhone? 

Rotundamente yes. Now, the new iPhone can capture 4K-quality video at 60 frames per second , whether you like it or not, you notice the increase of frames per second. Anyone who has tried a SLR camera recording in 4K can ensure that it is literally on par with the iPhone 8 Plus, amazing.

Another important point is the ability to make videos in slow motion or timelapse , which can be activated really fast when the time comes, because you only have to slide your finger across the screen having the photos application open. Dedicated cameras do not provide the convenience and ease of the popular iOS operating system and this is always appreciated.
Extra lenses for your iPhone

Similar to what you can do with a SLR, the iPhone 8 you can put an added lens that helps in taking photos . We can easily achieve a fish-eye effect of 170 degrees, typical in professional sports cameras. The fisheye lenses for SLR cameras are quite large and are not easy to put on. On the other hand, the iPhone is placed on top of the camera and will be ready to take photos. In many cases, these extra lenses are sleeves , so always place correctly.


Not that you can not make a backup of your photos with a DSLR, it is that with the iPhone you can do it while doing the photos. If you steal or lose a professional camera, you'll probably lose everything you have in it and all the memories you kept in it . Instead if you have the misfortune to lose your iPhone 8, you know that your photos will be in the cloud, be it iCloud or any other online storage service.

This also makes it much easier to extract the images later, since you will not have to plug in your phone to access them . You only need to access your browser, or if you have macOS and you use iCloud , to your iCloud drive, and you will have all your photos on your computer ready to do with them whatever you want.

Of course there are many more reasons to ensure that it is better to use the iPhone before a professional camera, but whenever you just want to capture moments and memories. Obviously if you dedicate to photography in a professional way, you will need a good camera dedicated to it . No point of comparison regarding the size of the photographs and other aspects, but for everything else, the iPhone 8 is your camera.

Source | mashable.com 

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