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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Why the iPhone X is the phone of the future

What many people want to talk about the iPhone X is its initial price of 1159 euros, but when you have the phone in your hand, you feel it is worth it. The iPhone X is an extremely beautiful device , with a stainless steel band and new curve glass on a 5.8-inch OLED screen that covers it all.

It is a larger screen than the iPhone Plus series with huge bezels. Fortunately, the iPhone X is also a bit thicker and less slippery than the iPhone 7 , which was basically suicidal in its ability to fly out of hand. If anything, on the iPhone X evokes the original iPhone more than anything, with that stainless steel band and black front.

Compared to what Samsung is doing with OLED curved displays on Galaxy devices, it is very different : for example, there is still a black border around the screen. The phone feels small, but in a different way than, for example, the S8.

Apple calls this a "Super Retina Display" with 1125 x 2436 pixels resolution, making it the highest density display on any iPhone . It is very sharp to look at, and as penetrating and vibrant as expected from an OLED screen.

It has all of Apple's signature technology, too, including automatic 3D Touch and True Tone calibration. I've generally preferred LCDs to OLED, but the OLED screen of the iPhone X is something I've never seen .

The screen is the star

The screen dictates everything about the design of the iPhone X, including its lack of start button. This will probably be one of the most controversial things of the phone among iPhone users, but Apple has done a lot of work to make iOS feel natural without a start button.

The Face ID works because of the TrueDepth camera system that is located in the notch on the screen at the top of the phone. There are a lot of sensors packaged there , including an IR-depth camera and a projector that launches 30,000 infrared dots on the face. The system reads the map, compares it with the image stored on the phone using a built-in neural network processor, and unlocks the phone.

Apple says the system learns your face, even if you're wearing glasses, a hat, or change your hairstyle. More importantly, he says that the system can not be fooled by a photograph of you. Overall, it 's much better than the face unlock systems we've seen on other smartphones, but we'll have to try it in harder conditions and try to fool you, of course.

The front camera is more important than the rear camera

That system of front cameras power a lot of things, including new animated emoji that react to your face and some awesome filters in Snapchat. Portrait mode is also available on the front camera, as is Apple's new vertical lighting effect . We have reached the point where the front camera on the iPhone is now more important and interesting than the back.

The rear camera on the iPhone X has not been ignored, however, and is largely the same as the new dual camera of the iPhone 8 Plus. It is dual lens, but with a f / 2.4 telephoto lens brighter and better bright.

The back of the phone is less unique than the front. It is the same glass and metal sandwich as the iPhone 8, with resistance to dust and water and wireless charging based on the Qi standard. Apple is selling Mophie and Belkin Qi charging pads in its stores, but next year it will launch a new charging platform called AirPower that can charge an iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch at once, with energy information sent to the iPhone screen .

Apple says the iPhone X lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7 and, of course, claims that its Bionic A11 chip with two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores is faster than ever. But we will have to wait until we can revise it to test those claims.

The iPhone X does not arrive until November, and based on what we have seen in our brief impressions, it will be very popular when you are with us . Even if it starts at 1159 euros.
Technical characteristics 

iPhone X

Dimensions 14,36 cm Height / 7,09 cm Width / 0,77 cm Thickness
Weight 174 gr.
screen Super Retina Display OLED 5.8 "458 ppi
Battery To be determined, although estimated up to two hours longer than the iPhone 7
Processor A11 Bionic 4 + 2 cores
OS iOS 11
Storage 64/256 GB
Wristwatch 12 MP, True Tone and 4K / 60 FPS Recording :: TrueDepth 7 MP with 3D Sensor for Face ID
Others Face ID, wireless charging, fast charging, water and dust resistance IP68, stereo speakers, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer
Departure price € 1,159 (64 GB) / € 1,329 (128 GB)

Source : theverge.com 

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