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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Why is iOS 11 the best mobile operating system in the world?

It's been a month since the launch of iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The reception among the users is being quite good, currently the adoption of iOS 11 is around 47% of the devices in use.

It's clear that iOS 11 is not a perfect operating system, every version of iOS and Android will always have its flaws and its virtues, like everything else. But, even so, iOS 11 is the best mobile operating system in the world . You want to know why?

In this article we will talk about all those features, features and features that make iOS 11 the most advanced mobile operating system in history. Let's start!

User interface 

The iOS user interface has always been at the forefront. It is modern, intuitive, simple, minimalist and most important of all: easy to use.

In iOS 11, Apple has incorporated a series of changes that visually improve the aesthetics of the system user interface. It's these kinds of things that give you a taste of how the company skips every detail of your operating system: Control Center, Lock Screen, Notification Center, Dock, animations and even your native applications like the App Store. It is fun to interact with each element of your user interface.

Messenger service 

Instant messaging applications are indispensable in our life. The truth is that if we removed apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or iMessage we would not know what to do to communicate with our friends and family. Apple knows this, and year after year it has been integrating new features into its iOS Messaging app.

App Store: The company implemented an App Store to download applications in iMessage that allow us to send GIFs, search images on Google, send stickers, play games ... And now, with iOS 11, your system has improved a lot. It offers a simpler, more intuitive and more efficient user interface.

Emotion: Thanks to the emojificación iOS 11 users can write a word in the chat and automatically convert it into an emoji with a single tap.

Effects: The Messages app allows you to send really spectacular chat effects and background effects. Very fun animations that make expressing your emotions easier. Of course, many more effects have been implemented in iOS 11.

Apple Pay: Another of the most interesting new features of iOS 11, although not yet available, is the ability to send mobile payments between people using iMessage.


Little by little, Apple has decided to leave behind the limitations and offer much more personalization to its users. And is that iOS 11 is the most customizable iPhone and iPad operating system in history.

With iOS 11 we can not only change the appearance of the keyboard and introduce many more apps in the Dock (iPad), but also we have the option to change the elements present in the Control Center . We can add a button to record the iPhone screen, a button to access the low power mode, another button to use the Apple TV remote ... and much more!


But without a doubt, one of the most important features that have made iOS 11 the best mobile operating system in the world is the Multitasking for iPad . Apple has revamped its user interface and has also improved its activation methods.

The iOS 11 Multitask allows you to open any secondary application from the Dock itself , even though you are inside an application you can make the Dock appear and open another app to use them at the same time. But the thing does not end here, thanks to Drag and Drop users can organize, move and transfer files, documents, images, videos and text between two applications in a very simple and convenient.


With the virtual assistant of iOS 11, Siri, you can do wonders. From things as simple as making a video call FaceTime to a specific user, to things as complex as turning on the light of the lamp in the living room of your home. All with a simple voice command.

On the other hand, in iOS 11, Apple has improved Siri's proactivity . So the more you use the virtual assistant of your iPhone and your iPad, the more you learn about your needs. In addition, Apple has included a feature to write your requests to Siri . He has even changed his voices for more natural ones!

These are some of the functions that make iOS 11, in our opinion, the best mobile operating system in the world. But for tastes the colors ... What is your favorite operating system? What do you like most about iOS 11? We are waiting for you in the comments! 

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