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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection switches on iOS 11 introduce users to believe

Electronic Frontier Foundation claims that the new iOS 11 switches for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, which are not deactivated, misleading and violate the safety of users.

With the output of iOS 11 features the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection switches in the "Control Center" have changed. Now clicking the button does not disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, and only disconnects the device from all connected accessories.

Nevertheless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are still available, and the ability to use:

  •     AirPlay;
  •     AirDrop;
  •     Continuity;
  •     Apple Pencil;
  •     The Apple Watch;
  •     Handoff;
  •     Mobile access point. 

This was neither in an earlier version of iOS, Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth disability through the "Control Center".

"In iOS 11, when you switch from quick settings to" off, "the phone disconnects from the Wi-Fi network and some devices, but will be enabled for Apple services. The positioning service will remain active and other Apple devices (eg Apple Watch and Pencil) are still in touch. Apple still does not notify users about this. The situation is even worse when the settings are off and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection again starts up when you move to the new location. This approach does not let users select and compromise "- says the EFF report.

To turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for all networks and devices, go to Settings and turn off the glasses.

See Apple news on our Telegram channel, as well as the MacDigger attachment on iOS. 

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