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Friday, 13 October 2017

With the iPhone X the gossip is going to end

iOS 11 is the system of novelties, which are many . Not only is screen recording easier, screenshots easier, or a new and renovated control center. Now you can also be discreet with notifications on the lock screen .

The Apple iPhone X will only show notifications on the blocked screen with real content when you know it's you who is watching the phone. If it's someone else, you'll only see the notification, but not the content of it. It is not science fiction, it will be reality.

The future also comes with iOS 11 for previous iPhone, but is slightly modified: since others do not have Face ID, you can enter the settings and enable the display of notifications with preview content only when the device has been unlocked.

This is a response to the settings that have been implemented in Android notifications for a long time: You can configure Android screen lock notifications to appear with content or hidden content, while the second option was completely missing from iOS. Once again, and for many more things, iOS goes after Android, although later it manages to improve it and to surpass it .

What iOS offered so far was two options, which was either to display full notifications on the lock screen with content or not to display the notifications of this screen at all (to be perfectly accurate, the function was available in Mail and in iMessages, but nowhere else).

Now we have to check how the new Face ID will behave in the day to day, if it is as safe and reliable as from Apple confirms or repeat the fiasco of the day of the keynote. We recall that the iPhone X will be pre-booked from Friday, October 27th and the first units will be able to be purchased just a week later, on November 3rd .

Source : phonearena.com 

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