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Thursday, 12 October 2017

You are the most downloaded apps of the moment

Apple is to blame that we now have the ability to buy and download applications quickly from an online store. Since its implementation in the old iOS , this store has always been a benchmark in terms of quality and content .

With a store as big and complete as Apple's, there will obviously appear applications that will stand out (or pay an advertising fee) and become a download trend . This would basically mean that the featured application would eventually be installed and / or purchased by many iOS users. For these cases, Apple has classification tables dedicated to different sectors of the App Store.

The most downloaded apps on the App Store 

Many know that earlier this month, the Afterlight application remained in first place as the most downloaded payment app for iPhone , while WhatsApp Messenger was positioned as the most downloaded among free until recently, as currently Netflix boasts that title.

If we talk about tablet apps, obviously there is also a rating: iDoceo, a notebook for teachers developed by Bert Sanchis, has gotten the most downloaded payment app for iPad . On the other hand, the video game Homescapes has managed to become the iPad's most successful application this week.

We also have more specific sections such as video games , here Minecraft and Plague Inc. They have managed to rise with the top positions in payment games for iPhone and iPad respectively. In the case of free, again Homescapes has achieved the first position.

Still have to see if these applications that remain in the top positions are still there in a few weeks, but certainly it is a great honor to position themselves in one of these lists of the App Store . However, these lists only indicate the popularity of an app, we are not sure that we can not find better but less popular applications.

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