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Friday, 27 October 2017

You can finally delete messages from WhatsApp for iPhone

One of the worst horrors of the 21st century is to make mistakes when sending a message of any kind. Actually, that has been a problem even with the letters, the problem is that, if it was previously difficult to prevent a letter from reaching its recipient, now it is almost impossible to get rid of a handful of data that is received immediately after being sent . Or, at least, it was so far, since certain apps are beginning to allow the "cancellation" of instant messages.

A few months ago, we learned that both WhatsApp and Telegram, two of the main apps in the instant messaging market, were preparing to give their users the possibility of deleting or "hiding" messages already sent to the recipient. Having stayed behind with respect to its competitor, today we can finally say that WhatsApp already allows the use of this important functionality, which is being activated progressively. Of course, it has certain drawbacks.

In some cases, the remedy may be worse than the disease

Lately, WhatsApp has been quite active when it comes to adding new features . And, as was already expected from a few months ago, the function of deleting messages is one of them. From now on, when we want to prevent someone from seeing a message, we will only have to select it by keeping the finger pressed on it and choosing to delete, where we can choose between eliminating the message for everyone , or just for us. It can not be easier.

However, it has two drawbacks that could be important at certain times. To start, you only have the opportunity to perform this action in the first seven minutes after sending the message. Also, it leaves a trace, and you may have to explain why you deleted the message. And it is that few things can bother more to that they hide something to you, so be careful when using this function. Eliminate responsibly.

And you, have you ever wanted to delete a WhatsApp message?

Source | WhatsApp FAQ

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