You can not replace the iPhone X screen on your own -


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Thursday, 19 October 2017

You can not replace the iPhone X screen on your own

Although the wait is getting eternal , in less than two weeks the iPhone X will hit the stores. We may not have as much stock as we want, since it is said that the first shipment will be only 46,500 units , although production has already accelerated to cover the demand prior to Christmas. And is that the hype with the iPhone X is much superior to the iPhone 8 and everything is thanks to its revolutionary design .

Since the iPhone 6 launched in 2014, we did not see a makeover on the best phones on the market and I know that . This is a wonderful phone, with its particular "bun" where the True Depth camera is integrated that allows facial recognition. However, such innovation has a cost: from 1,159 euros for the most basic configuration. Not to mention the cost of repair .

And is that, as you break a piece of the iPhone X, be prepared to save . The most normal thing to date was to break the screen. Although many opted to go to the Apple Store and repair it, others would play and test it on unofficial sites, with the consequent savings.

But as Apple did with the Home button , replacing the screen of the iPhone X can become an odyssey, being a unique element. Only Samsung knows how to make that particular OLED display. Although it could be worse, the "notch" could be included. So yes, repairing the screen of the iPhone X will be more expensive and in addition you can only manage it officially , investing a few hundred euros in it.

That yes, like everything, it is only a matter of time that they give with the necessary tools and materials to replace it. What can we do in the meantime? Well, take out insurance and get us a good proof-of-everything case.

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