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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

10 more expensive and exclusive mobile phones than the iPhone X

Apple's new iPhone X is available starting at € 1,159 . Yes, it is an expensive product, although its technology supports it. Despite having an OLED screen, a renewed design, facial recognition, wireless charging and many other features, some consumers are not satisfied with its price.

But, interestingly, there are many other smartphones that are more expensive and exclusive than the iPhone X. And these are mobile phones that do not have functions as advanced as wireless charging or facial recognition. Wow, in fact most of them do not even have a fingerprint reader. But they have something that the iPhone X does not have: gold, diamonds and rubies. Would you like to meet them?

Hold on tight because curves are coming, and very dangerous. In this article we will share a list of 10 more expensive mobile phones than Apple's iPhone X. A price madness!

10 luxury smartphones more expensive than the iPhone X

Lamborghini Alpha One

The exclusive, popular and luxurious brand vehicle manufacturer Lamborghini also has its own smartphone. We are talking about the Alpha One, a € 2,000 terminal made of gold, leather, diamonds and liquid metal.

Vertu Signature Cobra 

This extravagant mobile phone manufactured by the French watchmaking brand Boucheron cost nothing more and nothing less than € 309,000 . Its curious design had a pink cobra that surrounded the edges of the device and that was sculpted with up to 439 rubies, 2 emeralds and 2 diamonds.

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond VIPN 

Sony launched to the market an exclusive model of its Ericsson brand valued at more than € 250,000 . Nowadays it would be unthinkable, but in 2006 its design would have enchanted consumers. There were only five models for sale, and they had diamonds built into their keyboard.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot 

 You will not believe what materials have been used in the manufacture of this mobile phone. It has been manufactured with wood of more than 200 years, with solid gold and sapphire crystal. Its cost? € 800,000.


The Solarin smartphone has 128 GB of storage capacity. It costs € 11,000 because it has an internal engineering with a military security system for data protection.

Dior Reveries Haute Couture 

Dior, the fashion and sewing brand, manufactured a total of 99 smartphones of € 100,000 per unit. Its manufacturing process was carried out in France. The device is coated with 18 carat white gold, with up to 1,539 diamonds and 46 pearls.

iPhone Princess Plus 

The Apple iPhone has many different luxury versions. Some online stores are dedicated to incorporating diamonds in the device to sell them for more money. This costs € 140,000 and has 138 diamonds in Princess Cut and 180 in Brilliant Cut at the edge of the terminal.

Goldvish Le Million 

This mobile phone manufactured with 18 carat white gold, with a back of crocodile skin and with 20 carat diamonds costs one million euros. There are only three units available worldwide. Without a doubt, its design is quite elegant. At least, more elegant than the rest of the phones on this list ...

iPhone 5 Black Diamond 

As we mentioned previously, there have been many iPhone models that have been redesigned to increase their cost. The iPhone Black Diamond is a clear example of this. Its price reached 12 million euros . This variant of the iPhone 5 had solid gold, 600 diamonds, an exclusive black diamond and 53 diamonds in the logo of the apple.

Aston Martin Racing 

Lamborghini was not the only car company to launch its own luxury smartphone. Aston Martin also did the same, in 2015, with a mobile phone with sapphire crystal, leather and metal for € 5,000. But they also had a gold and diamond version valued at € 25,000.

It is curious to think that these mobile phones, since the vast majority of them can not be considered as smartphones, have been manufactured many years ago. This can give us a rough idea of ​​how luxury smartphones of the future can be . What do you think about them? Would you buy any of these exclusive mobile phone models if you had the money? Which one has caught your attention the most?

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