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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

10 tips to save on your data rate

Some users contract family plans for data rates to share. Others opt for more affordable rates. But we all have something in common. We always want to save as much as possible.

In the tips that we will provide you with below you can discover how to save mobile data with different apps and iOS settings on iPhone and iPad.

Are you not satisfied with your data rate? Do you want to make the most of your mobile data? Do not miss these tips.

Tips to save data

Snapchat Preload Stories 

If you want to see the Stories of your friends on Snapchat, you can preload them using Wi-Fi to see them later even if your mobile data is disabled.
Use the reading list

One of the most useful features of iOS 11 is the ability to save Safari items in a reading list to read later.

Play offline 

Some applications, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, allow you to play content without an Internet connection by downloading videos on your device.
Disable data in certain apps

The easiest way to save mobile data is manually deactivating the option in individual apps as in Settings> Photos .
Turn off Wi-Fi Assistance

You'll also want to turn off Wi-Fi support, because it automatically connects to your mobile data when your connection signal is weak . You do not even know when you are using mobile data!
Disable updates in the background

Another very simple way to save mobile data is to disable the option of updates in the background from Settings> General .
Disable Mail Push Notifications 

It is important that you disable the option so that push notifications of Mail do not appear. This option requires that the servers are constantly spending data.
Use offline maps

You can use your favorite map app without an internet connection. Explore your content via Wi-Fi and you can see the list of addresses while traveling without an Internet connection.

Automatic playback is really annoying, and yes, it spends a lot of data. For this reason, we recommend deactivating it in applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.
Secret settings

Apps like Twitter and WhatsApp have their own hidden configuration features. These settings allow you to disable the automatic download of content to save mobile data.

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