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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

100,000 people laugh at the failures of the iPhone rightly

The iPhone X may mark a time in the history of Apple, but it is clear that iOS 11 will not pass to the memory of its users for their good work : lags, excessive battery consumption, bugs in Siri, in the mail, in the calculator ... If there was even a flaw that changed a simple capitalized i for this combination of symbols A [?] !

Fortunately, Apple is fast and efficient when it comes to launching updates and has already published the patch that solves this problem, because to date we could only resort to a trick in the introduction of keyboard .

These problems do not go unnoticed by anyone : the suffering iOS users who suffer from it in their flesh and the Androids, who look for any excuse to discredit a brand that is almost considered a religion for many.

Without going any further, fans of the Ohio State recalled during the game at home a couple of days ago against Michigan State this curious bug in the best possible way: with a mosaic in which they spelled the name of their team, only that instead of appearing OHIO, what was seen was OHA [?] O. Yes, every time an I went out, it was replaced as in iOS 11. What creativity and bad slob!

    Ohio State trolling Apple πŸ˜‚

    ( @darrenrovell , @BleacherReport ) pic.twitter.com/u7A563gi1i
    - Brian Havrilla (@brianhavrilla) November 11, 2017

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Each time the fans encouraged their team, the succession of letters was seen again at different speeds but always with [?] Instead of I. A curious anecdote that does not fail to show the ascendancy of Apple in today's popular culture . After all, the important thing is that they talk about you, even if it's not good.

    . @OhioStateFB having a little fun trolling today at the @Apple glitch ⭕️πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™⭕️ or is it A? Either way great win Buckeyes! #ohiostate #apple pic.twitter.com/p0uIxmVy6r
    - Ohfoodtruckfind (@OHfoodtruckfind) November 11, 2017

Via | The Verge 

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