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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

4 effective tricks to avoid malware on your iPhone

Unfortunately, malware is our daily bread. Increasingly, the news of devices affected by having been tempted to open an appetizing file , or click on a link that would lead to a supposed promotion. Beware, it can be a file in the form of malware and cause a mess.

From the National Police Body we are given some very simple recommendations in the form of a tweet, if you want to know how to protect yourself from them, take a look at our article.

How to protect our iPhone from malware.

In the official Twitter account of the police they make it very clear.

Deactivate Bluetooth

The reason is very simple, disabling it when it is not necessary will be avoiding having an open door to make an unauthorized connection. It is already known that the best way to defend against any threat is by shielding the possible places of entry .

Keep iOS updated

We know that operating systems often come with security holes, and they can be exploited by hackers so that our iPhone becomes something we do not want . Update whenever possible to the most recent and stable version.

    Combat the #Malware
    - Deactivation #Bluetooth
    - Updated OS and antivirus
    - Do not open unknown files
    - There are no programs of unofficial sites pic.twitter.com/L60LvJGB3I
    - National Police (@policia) November 14, 2017

Do not open unknown files

A very important point is to avoid files that are not fully trusted , often the person who sends it to us if it is from our environment, but has not stopped to check the source or what it is really sending is something clean. Always act with caution .

Do not open programs from unofficial sites

The online store of Apple applications, the App Store offers a huge catalog of programs of all kinds, and are usually revised applications. Never open applications that are not hosted on the App Store or unofficial sites . He also mistrusts those that tend to offer more functionality than the original application, like a premium type WhatsApp. The only premium you can find is a paid subscription to an unauthorized service .

With these four basic rules it will be very difficult to get it. How do you do to protect yourself from malware? We will love to see you in comments. We will wait for you.

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