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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

4 tips to make your iPhone last longer

Congratulations, you have brought a new iPhone to the world. Look at what screen it has, it seems newly manufactured. Prepare to receive the classic questions from your friends, such as "Who is the manufacturer?", "What is your year of birth?", "Is it new or second-hand?" ... Classic, everyone will want to know more about your little gadget Something completely normal, not every day comes a new phone to your pocket. And less one like the iPhone X.

Of course, now you will look with tender eyes, but little by little time will pass, and your iPhone will change . It depends on you whether it's for good, or bad. Therefore, today we give you four tips with which you can give the love you deserve. Make your brand feel proud, and avoid that the technical service have to go look for your little one.

For all you want, update your iPhone 

We always like to start with the basics. As if they were vaccines, your iPhone needs to always have the latest version of software available. It is not about whether it will slow down or not, that it has already been shown that it is not so, but that they do not have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Of course, there is no perfect operating system, but if you do not update your phone, the risk will be greater than that of one with the latest version.

Also, it could not be a simpler process. You just have to go to Settings, and in the General section you can see an option called Software Update . Select it, and you can instantly know if you have the latest version, otherwise, it will only take a few minutes to download and install it. And if you do not like this method, you can always use iTunes, connecting your iPhone to the PC or the Mac.

Take care of your device charging habits 

Like you, your new phone should have a rest routine, otherwise obviously you will not be able to use your iPhone. But that does not mean that we should strictly have our routine. Try not to charge your iPhone all night, if possible, it is better to load several small , than a larger than necessary. That also includes wireless charging, although in this case, the load is slower, so if you sleep little, then maybe you have no problem.

On the other hand, try to take a look from time to time to the battery usage data, available in the Adjustment Battery section. Certain apps may be making excessive use of it , and it may be better for you to find alternatives for them that do not consume as much autonomy. Sometimes, a third party app can be much more effective than the official app, always keep it in mind.
Take care of your storage like never before 

Ok, we come to one of the most important points and the one that more annoying can become if you neglect, the storage of your phone. Whenever we open a new phone we neglect, and start installing apps like crazy , and restore everything we had in our previous phone, and if we can, in all the dynasty of smartphones we've had. If you have an iPhone 8 or X, with 64 Gb of base, it might not be a problem, but be careful as well.

If you can, trust in cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox to store all those files that do not have to be on our iPhone. Not only you will gain in security, since you will be able to access them from any place, also in space, because you will not have to store them in your own telephone.

Do not racanees in protection for your new phone 

Unless you have good accident insurance, something we strongly recommend for smartphones like the iPhone, having your phone unprotected is calling the danger . Voices. We know perfectly that the ideal is to have it without a cover to be able to enjoy its design to the fullest, but your device may be one blow away from being useless. Therefore, spend a little more in a good case.

Ideally, you would acquire an Apple officer, but we all know that their prices are, in a word, astronomical. Therefore, do not worry if you have to buy a third party, just make sure it is made of a material strong enough to withstand any oversight. And the same goes for the screen saver.

And you, what more advice would you add to the list? 

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