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Thursday, 2 November 2017

5 things you can do with the Animojis of the iPhone X

The new iPhone X has many attractions for the consumer. It has a completely renovated design with respect to previous generations, with an OLED screen that covers the entire front of the device and very low side bezels . But, in addition, the iPhone X offers some exclusive innovations in its software.

One of the most interesting features of the iPhone X software of the tenth anniversary are the Animojis . The Animojis are, as their own name suggests, some animated emojis that are based on the facial expressions of the users through the Face ID function.

The Animojis application in iMessage for iOS 11 employs the Face ID 3D sensor modules to track and accurately and thoroughly track all facial expressions to turn these movements into animated emojis.

It's funny, but the Animojis of the iPhone X will be the differential function for consumers. They are very fun to use, and allow you to share emotions and feelings in a more efficient way.

Since Gizmodo have had the nice opportunity to use the Animojis of iOS 11 on an iPhone X, and have wanted to share the 5 things you can do with them . Will you accompany us to find out?

1. Whisper viral RAP songs

2. Share the funniest quotes from TV series

3. Become an authentic Popstar hen

4. Punch out your friends as a magical unicorn

5. Reveal your fulfilled purposes of 2017

Playing with the Animojis functionality on the iPhone X with iOS 11 is going to be really fun. Think you can bring your iPhone to the TV speakers while imitating the facial expressions of your favorite characters from the most popular series, and give them the emoji shape you want. In addition, Apple will probably update the Animojis with more emojis throughout future updates of iOS 11.

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