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Monday, 27 November 2017

6 effective tips to prevent them from spying on your WhatsApp

Do you know anyone who does not have WhatsApp? The expansion of the messaging app is such that even your grandfather can have his own account. However, the application owned by Mark Zuckerberg has more than 1,000 million active users all over the planet.

So, it is normal to have conversations of all kinds: with our parents, friends, partner, plumber ... and obviously we want to keep them private. However, some people want to know by all means what we are talking about . Well, we are going to try to prevent you from spying our WhatsApp with several very useful tips.

Protect your iPhone

It may seem like some common sense (and indeed it is), but there are people who do not like to put a security code or fingerprint on their device. We assume that it is a matter of comfort, speed or vagrancy , but in reality it costs less than a second to unlock it, either with the PIN, the Touch ID or the Face ID.

To activate it, we will simply go to Settings > Touch ID and code and add a fingerprint and activate the code, in case we had it disabled.

Put password to WhatsApp

Your iPhone may need an additional layer of security because even if you have PINs or fingerprints introduced by you, there are also people in your environment who know that code or are one of the fingerprints that unlock the terminal.

For this, what better than adding a password to WhatsApp , which will prevent people from manipulating your iPhone to be able to access conversations. The solution is to install an app that allows us to do it. In the App Store we can find several free apps that put a password to WhatsApp .

Turn off notifications display

By default, every time you get a WhatsApp, it appears as a notification on the lock screen, which allows us to preview it ... to us and anyone with the iPhone within reach of their eyes .

If we want our messages not to be seen, it is best to go to Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp and deactivate "View on blocked screen **.

Activate two-step verification

For some time, WhatsApp has implemented a security function called verification in two steps, which you can activate from the app itself from: Settings > Account .

This measure protects us from possible theft of the account , since it will request a secret code sent directly to our phone number before logging in. In this way, before any theft or loss, only we can see it.

Beware of WhatsApp Web

How comfortable is WhatsApp Web! And the desktop version allows us to use WhatsApp from our iPad, PC or Mac in total comfort. However, sometimes we make the mistake of leaving the session open , so that anyone who takes the team and go to the web WhatsApp Web can enter our account and read everything.

In WhatsApp Web, give the icon of the three points and close the session to avoid it .

Beware of hoaxes or suspicious messages

As we said before, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app. Therefore, it is logical that criminals try to rip us through suspicious messages or hoaxes of all kinds: gifts, trips, notifications that WhatsApp will become payment, WhatsApp Premium ... in the end, the goal is to click on the link and broadcast the message for other unsuspecting ones to fall.

If you click, you have fallen into the trap and can hijack your account, obtain personal information, steal ... Given these suspicious messages, it is best to ignore them and warn the other person that it is a dangerous hoax.

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