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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

7 free apps for iPhone and iPad that you can not miss

The iOS App Store is constantly updated with all kinds of offers, promotions and discounts. Today we recommend a selection of free limited-time applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch .

And there are many spectacular applications in the Apple App Store. But unfortunately the best always tend to have a very high cost . That is why we wanted to offer you some alternatives with these free apps.

Free apps for iOS from November 6

The zWrite application is a very simple to use word processor that is capable of exporting and importing files in RTF and HTML format. It is compatible with a variety of fonts and sizes.

VR Photo

With the VR Photo application you can take pictures of any object from different angles to create a rotational view of it. Thus, you can rotate the figure in 3D on its axis. A very curious app, without a doubt.

VideoPro +

As usual in our compilations of free apps, we wanted to include a video editing application . VideoPro + will allow you to create slides with different photographs adding effects of all kinds.


Afterlight is a popular application for editing photos on iPhone and iPad that has a lot of effects, filters and tools. It is a really interesting app to give a unique touch to your images.


Atlantean is an interesting game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch where you can control a kind of mechanical jellyfish at the bottom of the ocean solving puzzles, fighting enemies, discovering treasures and avoiding obstacles. It has a total of 50 levels in 5 different maritime worlds .


Enigma2 Satellite Finder is a free app for a limited time that will allow you to find the ideal position to receive the best possible satellite signal .


We finished our collection of free apps for iPhone and iPad with Daywill, an app to improve productivity in team projects.

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